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Sales Order Item Screen

I have a requirement to modify the Sales Order Item screen and add two columns for our Medical Billing Orders

The problem I am having is not adding the columns, which is quite straightforward, but debugging my modifications.

The Sales Order screen opens the Sales Order Item screen and sets the screen to Modal.

That means that I cannot use the debugger screen when a Modal window is in focus.

Does anyone know a way to set the Sales Order Item screen to NON Modal , just for debugging purposes.

I already have a salesOrder.js script that modifies the Sales Order Screen.

The only thing I was ever able to do was set debug messages in the code, such as
QMessageBox.critical(mywindow, “salesOrderItem”, qsTr("parms = ") + parms.whse + " - " + parms.item);

Thanks Phil,

I did that sort of thing back in '90s
So life is truly a circle.

You can open the sales order screen and it is not modal, then you go to system menu and activate the debugger in preferences, then open your salesOrderItem window and the debugger will pop up. It is not easy if I remember well but you will be able to catch something. I just do it with a script and I was able to see at least that the first pass of the script completed with no error. Give it a try. Remember to enable the debugger on your script.

I do see the debugger screen for the sales order items, but the debugger screen cannot be accessed because of the modal setting for the sales order item.