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Sales Desktop

I am modifying the Sales Desktop for our use.
The issue I am having is that one of the NEW MenuButton refuses to be enabled.
See the attached

No matter what I do, I cannot enable this button
I even go into the database table and make the change and it goes back to disabled

<item row="0" column="1">
        <widget class="MenuButton" name="_dx_orders">
         <property name="enabled">
         <property name="image">
         <property name="label">
          <string>DX Orders</string>
         <property name="actionName" stdset="0">

What do I have to do to enable this button, JCOABB.

The UI form is only half of the equation, are you enabling or disabling the action/button in script?

I dont use a script for the Sales Desktop David, just buttons that fire the actions

It seems to be that if xTuple has issues with the action name, it will disable the button.

Shades of AI???