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Just curious if your forum produces an RSS feed for posts? It would just make it a bit easier to keep up with new posts. Or at least it would for me since I use a reader avidly.

This will make it easier for me to keep up with everything.

Actually, Dustin, we moved the RSS feed icon up to the top of the page in reaction to your previous post. You were right that it was kind of hard to find (it had been at the bottom of the page), so we thought we’d make it easier.

Thanks for your feedback!

There’s no visible link for the forums as a whole, but for each forum group, there’s a feed. For example, the Initial Setup group’s feed is “http://www.xtuple.org/taxonomy/term/58/0/feed

I hadn’t noticed the RSS icon at the top of the page when you enter a forum group.

Best practices -feedly.com

New xTuple Forums are now in development - if you want the latest updates on training, special announcements, software updates and new releases (via news and blog posts) delivered to your inbox, we have a monthly RSS email - just Subscribe Here


Email and RSS are different things.  I know that email lists are the cool thing in online marketing at the moment.  But wouldn't you rather have people interested in you seeking out what you have to say rather than just hitting the Archive button because they don't have time to read your email right now?  That's what RSS is, people actively asking you what you have to say on a regular basis.

If you're worried that you need to know who all those people are (which I get is a legitimate marketing benefit to an email list), have your geeks through an identifier into the url's query string and give each of us our own rss feed (for example, I think http://arstechnica.com does this for subscribers).  But please please please, don't get rid of the RSS feeds.  I get too much email as it is.  I get your emails, and I pay much less attention than I do to the RSS feed.

Besides, its good for your open source roots.

Not getting rid of RSS for Forums at all - just offering an additional option with "Subscribe" - so stay tuned for new knowledge-based, easily searchable Forums, coming soon! With RSS option! (and don't worry, you'll still have access to everything posted since the beginning of xTuple-time!)