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Retail and multiple location controlled items

I tried using the retail feature of the xtuple application, but realized the you can not do a sale on items configured as multiple location controlled items.
I was also checking if it was possible to set a location as a retail location such that when i transfer items configured as multiple location controlled items i could do sales transaction on them from the retail terminal, until they runs out from that location.

Hi, Kaleb:

The type of flexibility you’re looking for is available in commercial editions of xTuple ERP, where you can have multiple sites. With multiple sites, you can define an item as multiply-located in one site, but retail (and non-MLC) in another.


I set up locations under site and site zones, thinking that I could transfer stock to a location and then sell items from there but it doesn’t seem possible to choose on the sales invoice, sales order or shipping document, where the items are pulled from.
Does sales just pull from random location or from default?
Is there any way to do this to track inventory sold from a particular location separately from the main warehouse?

You need to specify if each Item is location controlled. Go into the Item Site record and you will see a Tab for Location control. Best read the Reference Guide to find out what all the options mean. You define the item as location controlled and then place your inventory into the location(s) you desire.

On the Sales Order we don’t care what location it is being sold from, however when Issuing to the Sales Order to Shipping, if items are location controlled, the system will automatically pop up a dialog asking where to pick the items from.

Hope this helps,

Indeed it does, but my company is so small I just key invoices directly which kind of leads to my next issue or issues which would be ones of interface. When I key the invoice the customer number is on the tab list after things like terms and sales rep… So I have to click the customer number or I have to key all those items which should autofill after I key the customer number, and on the invoice itself the subtotal, tax and total line are greyed out, a very pale grey. I’m an accountant who stares at screens all day, do you know how hard it is to see those numbers?
Thanks for the response on the initial query and I hope the other issues I pointed out will be used to make the software even better!

Thank you for your input. It is always appreciated.

You are correct (and I fully agree), the Customer should be the first item available for input on an Invoice and will refresh that customer default data after the customer is entered. I will raise an issue to get the Customer set as the first enterable item.

Regarding the “grey” disabled elements, these are intentionally designed to indicate to the person entering information in the screen that these elements are not editable. It is a visual indicator.

The entire application is controlled by a style sheet, so technically it should be possible to modify the style of the application and make it visually whatever you want, in terms of size, colour, bold etc.

And the prompt helpful responses are very appreciated too. My thoughts were though it’s not a critical issue the grey on grey is near impossible to see. When I key hand written invoices I have to confirm the total visually.