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-RESOLVED- Authentication issues (post books)

HI I am attempting to set up PostBooks on my laptop.

System - Windows 10 64 bit

Installed as per instructions at https://xtupleuniversity.xtuple.com/library/articles/installing-database


pgadmin as included in the downloads would start (splash screen appeared and dissappeared without loading anything) so installed pgadmin4.3 as per a post on another forum as possible solution. Which worked

have created xtrole and admin in pgadmin
attempted several times to restore from backup only to recieve a “failed exit code 1” message

uninstalled postgresql including manually deleting remnants such as data folder


setup pgadmin again

successfully restored quickstart into database called dbt2

opened xTuple using admin as password as that seems to be the initial way of doing things

user =admin
pass = admin
server= localhost
port= 5432
database= dbt2 (what i named the database the restored the quicksetup.backup file)

only to recieve this error

searching the forums provides some clues but i have gone through and checked most of them ie yes utf-8 and template1 are being used
owner is admin

Can anyone help shed some light on what the issue may be.
I do have access to the demo database still and I do have a registration key but can not open the program to insert it on my computer and registration is grayed out in demo mode so am assuming lack of key is not the issue.

Thanks for helping
(i am based in Australia so suspect I will be out of whack time wise to most people using this forum but will keep an eye out for replies during daylight hours down here)

turned out to be a nice easy (and obvious) solution.

turns out you need to add a password to the admin login in posresq.

I had been using https://xtupleuniversity.xtuple.com/library/articles/installing-database to guide me through the set up and in looking back this was ommitted in the pgadmin section but had been in the command line section… should have added two and two together. I was not comfortable using (ie no idea how to) use the sql editor so focused on the other section.

found this https://xtupleuniversity.xtuple.com/sites/default/files/prodguide/admin-guide/ch02s02.html which helped walk me through to successfully be able to logon.

Now the real setup fun can commence :slight_smile: