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Resolve out of balance inventory

The total Value of the Quantity on Hand report is far different than the Inventory G/L account.

At this moment, our inventory is easily identifiable. So I believe the Quantity on Hand report is correct.

We are a job shop. We buy components, build something on a work order, and ship the result. We don’t even record the value of labor against the work order. So, the whole idea of variable inventory value shouldn’t apply to us.

I conclude that something has gone wrong in Inventory G/L entries. Maybe some received parts entered with zero value and consumed on a work order before having a cost/value assigned, but cost/value assigned before the work order was done?

What might have gone wrong? How can I identify and fix it?
Thank you.

I apologize for responding to a question with multiple questions back, but this information is important.

How long have you been using xTuple?
What version are you using now?
When was the last time you Qty On Hand and the General Ledger was in balance?
Do you have a mixture of costing methods set for your item/site records?
What are they?
If they are all the same what is that?

Larry Cartee

We have been using XTuple since 2013.
The user interface says Postbooks 4.9.5. I haven’t bothered upgrading since the license changes.
Inventory was zero in the middle of 2019. So I know it was good then.
I think the costing method is always Standard.
Setup allows Standard and Job costing, no Average costing.

Thank you.

Thanks, that is a start.

Just to clarify are you saying both your Qty on Hand showing value and the Ledger were both zero around the middle of 2019?

One other important question I forgot.

Are you using the Qty on Hand with value as of the actual report time instead of the As of Date selection in the drop down box?


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Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!


Yes. Actual and G/L Inventory were both zero on 6/1/2019.

I don’t have any date related drop down box in my Quantity on Hand report. Perhaps I am using the wrong report.

In fact, I think I could identify and resolve the problem if I had a way to report quantity on hand with calculated values as of a specific date. I could match that against a G/L Inventory value.
But I don’t see to have that ability.

The As Of has to be turned on and I am not sure if it was available or not in your version. Unfortunately the As of Date functionality is a bit buggy and not completely reliable. I just wanted to be sure that wasn’t part of your problem.

I do think Carolyn’s suggestion of opening a Support Ticket is a good one.

If that doesn’t solve your problem, check back here and we can discuss some more.