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Report Fields moving

using Windows version 5.1

Here is a invoice report that I created, each of the lines 1-6 have field in them. But they may not be used if an invoice has less than 6 lines. As you can see the bottom fields have move up from their design position.


Now when a invoice does have 6 lines, the bottom fields are in the correct position.

Does the report use relative positioning?
Or are the blank lines causing so sort of probem.

Thank you


Hi Bob,

If you go to the properties of the field, there is a collapse if NULL checkbox. When this property is checked, and the field is empty or null, the renderer will push all the text below that line up (in order to reclaim the dead space). In your case this checkbox should be unchecked and you should have the expected results. You might have to do this for all the fields in lines 1-6

Thank you mmicros, I see my problem; I am using the text control instead of the field control.