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Release Notes

The release notes for currently supported releases should be modified to include more descriptive explanations of the bug fixes and features added now that there is no longer a way to search for them on the xTuple portal. For example in the 4.12.2 release notes a feature added is #35232 Customer PO Number. There needs to a a better description than “Customer PO Number”.

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Thanks for your feedback. I can completely understand how the title alone may not be enough information. I’ll work with my team to see what would be possible for future releases and how to address the release notes for our currently supported, releases.

Is there any plan to make the old issues available someday? I sometimes would need to access old issues I opened in the pas but there’s nothing in my customer portal prior to July 2019.



Great question, Fred! Topics like this will be covered in the upcoming webinar on Nov 13th. You should have received an invite in your email from Sarah Spangler. If you can’t find the email with the invite link, let me know and we’ll send another one out to you.