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Registration Key Renewal Email

Not sure if this is the right category, but couldn’t find a better place:

I attempted to renew my registration key and was instructed to watch my email for the message which I need to reply to in order to verify my email address. I think it was supposed to happen immediately, but it has been a day and no message received to reply to.

Something similar happened last year where my request got caught in your spam filter. I find this interesting as I am instructed to check my spam/junk area for the message, but I don’t utilize either a spam filter or junk folder system.

Could someone check your spam filter for my request? Just let me know what I need to provide to identify my registration.

Thank you very much


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Hi, Paul -

I see your request in our submissions queue, and I’ll reply to your email as well. Not sure why you did not receive the automatic request for verification email. We can find no issues on our end, though. We DO have a manual process to catch those renewal requests. If we do not hear from a PostBooks® user after a submission is received (typically within 3-5 days), our Key Master resends the verification message via our Gmail account to - hopefully - bypass any potential blocks.

This is a BUSY time of year - lots of key expiration dates - our Key Master will generate a new key for you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience and continued interest in xTuple’s free and open source product. Please let us know if/when you’re ready to upgrade to a commercial version.

For reference: