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Refresh My custom dashboards

I know that I have read this somewhere but I cant find the docs.
I have a custom dashboard that I want to refresh with all the other dashboards.

Is it some sort of trigger?

If there is a link to the docs I could probably get everything I need from that.

I’m assuming you’re talking about the “old” dashboards and not the newer executive dashboards? The old ones are based upon c3.js and the materialized views are in the xtdash schema. The product guide for the dashboard is helpful to get started. It doesn’t go into creating a custom refresh function.


Dashboard views are refreshed using the function, xtdash.refresh_views(boolean).

This function refreshes materialized views in the xtdash schema. I have created a custom function in the past that followed the same approach, but for different schemas. I’ve also created some dashboards that use a view and didn’t require a refresh. I am actually running some of these on a raspberry pis with large TVs visible to the shop floor.

Thanks. That function name will get me all that I need. I have other dashboards that use live table data but that has cause a large lag time when launching xTuple so I am using the materialized views as the correct method