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Quick Start Wizard Download

Having purchased the quick start wizard, i can not get the link to the xtsetup-3.8rc.gz file to work. I have tried for 2 days now with no luck. Either i am doing something wrong or the file just is not at the link address. Is it me or has anybody else had a problem?


Hi David,

Thank you for notifying us. We had a permissions problem on that file which has been fixed. Should be able to download now.


Yes, the QS Wizard in the store is compatible with xTuple 4.5.0. It appears your order was processed successfully. To locate the file for download, go to www.xtuple.com and select the My Account button at the top right of the page. Once in your account profile, select the Files tab and you should see the file to download there.



I had the same problem... I having purchased the quick start wizard on 06/12/2014, but I can not get the link to the xtsetup package. I just upgrade my DB's to 4.5.0, its this version compatible with quick start wizard package for 4.4.0

That's the problem... Only the "xTuple QuickStart Wizard Reference Guide" and the "Readme file for QuickStart Wizard" are available In the files to download list.  The link to the "xtsetup" file it's not there.