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Question regarding the currgain() function

In my newly upgraded xtuple 5.0 database I have 2 currgain functions.

Function #1 is currgain(integer,numeric,date,date). This function has the standard xtuple Copyright but the first line of the functions asserts a database warning that includes “This call should be updated.”

Function #2 is currgain(numeric,numeric,numeric) and does NOT have the standard xtuple copyright code.

Function #1 is being called but is throwing the warning. Is this just cosmetic or is it an error. Just wondering if I should ignore the warning or dig deeper.



Ignore the warning. Its intent is documented in the source code — remind folks to use Function #2 with the exchange rates stored in individual records in case someone changes the exchange rate in the curr_rate table. It looks like we missed one of the old calls.