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QT Client hangs on startup

Hi. I’ve just installed the DIY Postbooks on a cloud server for evaluation. Here’s where I am:

  • Installed PgSQL 10 & created Db & installed demo data
  • Installed Qt client on my HOME machine; started it up, connected to server and got asked for License Key
  • Requested & Received Key; installed it on home computer (Ubuntu Linux, btw) and got to main menu. Had to go to work so didn’t explore further
  • Also installed QT Client on my WORK machine (also ubuntu).

But when I go to start client on the work PC, it hangs. To be more specific, when running from console:

  • There is no console output
  • “xtuple” process(es) show in “ps”
  • “xtuple.pid” files are created in /tmp, but never written to (0 bytes)
  • a lock file is created in ~/.config/xtuple.com
    but there is no further activity that I can see.


  • tried both the “.run” installer and the BZip’d tar files
  • ran as root, no difference
  • set all files/dirs in xtuple dir to 777, ran as normal user, no difference
  • edited startup script to remove the redirection & tee filter for logging
  • I see only the following console output before it hangs permanently:

Tue May 28 13:31:36 2019 Warning: libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
Tue May 28 13:31:36 2019 Debug: “en_us”

Any ideas on why the client won’t start on one of my machines? Doesn’t seem to be permissions.
Any tips on further troubleshooting?

Thanks in advance!!!