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QForm builder was unable to create widget

I am trying to implement a sort of auto complete feature on the desktop client.

I have a QLineEdit that someone will type into. As they type, I want to populate a list of items from the database that match the presently typed string. 

After looking through the Qt documentation, I found the QListWidget, and QListWidgetItem classes that seem to fulfill my requirements, mainly that I can add and remove items from a list, but also because a user can click on an item in the list and trigger a signal. 

I have managed to create the QListWidget, but when I try creating the WidgetItems, I get an error: "QFormBuilder was unable to create a widget of the class 'QListWidgetItem'."

This is not the first time I have seen this error. 


I have been using the xTuple documentation class list, and the Qt class list as my references (linked below). In both cases I have gotten this same error for a few of the classes on each list. 

Am I looking in the wrong places for xTuple sanctioned widgets?


If someone could point out alternative widgets that fit my needs, or knows how to fix my error, or knows of a list of xTuple sanctioned widgets that won't fail, I'd be very grateful.  





I have decided to use the XTreeWidget