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Purchasing Approval

We are looking to utilize xTuple for approvals of Purchase Orders. It appears as though xTuple is setup for a more lower level approvals; for example, a Supervisor on the shop floor would like to request new drills, they submit a Purchase Request. This is then received by our Director of Purchasing & she will review & release the PO.

Is there a way that the PO’s that the Director of Purchasing is creating can be approved by an Owner or Partner?


There is a separate permission for ReleasePurchaseOrders. If you restrict that to only those who can approve, then that should do what you want.


Thank you for getting back to me, Phil.

I created a new User with only “ReleasePurchaseOrders” as a privilege. This does not appear to have done anything? We signed on as the user, went to Purchase-Purchase Order-Release and selected an Open Order & then Release.

When we view this PO on the “Open Purchase Orders” list, it still says “Unreleased”. I am not sure what happens after it is “Released”? I do not see a change.

Hi, you will need the MaintainPurchaseOrders priv in addition to ReleasePurchaseOrders. You must be able to edit the PO in order to update the record, in this case, the status of whether or not it has been released.

Thank you! Would this be the same as “Approving” a PO? We are not looking for someone to edit or update the PO’s - just approve what has been prepared as a request.

There is also an Advanced Purchasing extension package for xTuple that builds in more sophisticated purchasing permissions including user-based purchasing levels where a user might only be able to purchase an item up to $1000 (or a group of items up to 10,000) and the manager must approve if over that limit. This includes manager notifications.

I would speak with your Customer Support rep about access to this extension.