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Purchase Order Progress Tracking

I really like this add on and want to pass on some tweaks.

Out of the box it will not install on Xtuple Manufacturing version due to this code:

SELECT metric_value = ‘PostBooks’
FROM metric
WHERE metric_name = ‘Application’;

I’m not sure that it needs to be validated against any version ie. Manufacturing, Standard or Postbooks.

Also I could not get viewPOItem to work until I added
var execval = childwnd.exec();
to the last line of
function viewPOItem()

Thanks for the contribution.

The following things seem to be missing but they only come into play if you use the expense request filter.

Schema: poreq




The reports associated with this app have a small error.
The comment type is hard coded for a 3.
The more generic solution is to replace 3 with getcmnttypeid(‘Progressing’) in the detail sql.

Also the SQL associated with comments in the script files might be clearer like this:

var commentcount = toolbox.executeQuery(
" SELECT count(comment_source_id) AS rownum "
+" FROM comment "
+" WHERE comment_cmnttype_id = getcmnttypeid(‘Progressing’) "
+" AND comment_source = ‘P’"
+" AND comment_source_id = <? value(\"poListID\") ?>", params);

Thanks for the feedback

poreqitem and poreqhead are part of another package available on xchange for non-inventory expense requests. This allows request made by users to be located on the progressing report using filters.

To xtuple: What is the best route for submitting changes. Is it the same as submitting a new extension.


Please go ahead and use the form at http://www.xtuple.com/xchange/submit to submit updates to your packages.

Thank you!