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Progress update on Welcome Screen translation

Thanks to everyone who has contributed translations of the new Welcome Screen so far. We now have 13 of 37 target languages completed! If you speak and write one of the remaining languages, I hope you'll consider spending a couple of minutes contributing back a translation. You can read all about the Welcome Screen project here: http://www.xtuple.org/node/4058.

We are hoping to complete this translation work within the next 4-5 days. The Welcome Screen still needs to be translated into these remaining languages:

1. Bulgaria
2. Croatia
3. Czech
4. Estonian
5. Hungarian
6. Polish
7. Serbian
8. Slovenian
9. Ukrainian
10. Arabic
11. Hebrew
12. Norwegian
13. Persian
14. Romanian
15. Slovenian
16. Swahili
17. Swedish
18. Vietnamese
19. Afrikaans
20. Chinese
21. Indonesian
22. Danish
23. Finnish
23. Korean
25. Swahili

As always, thanks for any contribution!

Best regards,