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Printing a Single Label

This may be a very beginner-type question, but I’m trying to print labels for tagging shelves and I’d like to be able to print one at a time through my label printer - as required. I have assigned the report I’d like to use to the Label Forms, but I don’t see the option of selecting the item and printing its label. It seems it’ll have to be a batch selected by Class Codes.

Should I be using a different option other than Inventory --> Forms --> Print Item Labels… ?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Go to System->Setup->Forms and create a new form (name, description, pick the report you want printed, and importantly keyed on Items).

You will then be able to go to Products->Item->Print Item Form and print that form/label for individual Item numbers.

Thank you!
Unfortunately I don’t have the option of Products->Item->Print Item Form. Perhaps I’m on an older release that doesn’t have this function…

Could there be another method?

My apologies. That functionality was added in the 6.0.1 release. I should have remembered because I wrote it! It was added because the exact functionality you are looking for was missing.

I cannot think of another option other than scripting a screen - or potentially looking to upgrade to the latest 6.0.x release.

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