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Pricing Schedules & Payment Terms based on Previous Orders

I hope this is posted to the correct thread…

Is there a way to assign a pricing schedule based on previous orders? For example, a customer may pay full list price for the first 10 items purchased in a calendar year, but after fulfilling the requirement to order 10pcs, the next orders may be purchased at a different price. This would reset every year, on a selected date.

Similarly, we have situations where the first order of the year is required to be paid upfront (100% deposit), but subsequent orders for that year will be Net30…

Is there a way to automate this or does it require a custom script?

Thanks in advance!

We have done this for multiple clients, but each scenario is always a little different. These end up being custom solutions. Typically it goes something along the lines of this:

  • Identify which items are eligible
  • Identify which customers are eligible
  • capture the sales information when the sale takes place
  • Identify when the “threshold” has been met and make that custom pricing available

There can be a multitude of other variables that go into this.

The Discounts and Promotions package handles some of this. The package provides the ability to check customer eligibility for a discount using the “Custom Usage Restrictions”.

Ultimately, I would advise you to carefully layout your pricing strategy and decide if it’s accomplishing everything you would like. This much configuration can create a great deal of maintenance and you have to decide if it’s worth it.


Thanks, Scott -
This would be on a customer by customer, item by item basis. So yes, a lot to manage, as you say. I think we’ll keep our methods for now until we can streamline our pricing strategy a little better.

I appreciate the quick response!