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Posting on the Forum

Why does it take 48 seconds to save a post in the forums? This is an ongoing problem. Could I sponsor a fix for this?


Posting to the xTuple forum or the issue tracker can take a long time to finish because we are cross-posting all those posts to our sourceforge project site. It means we have to wait for that site to receive and acknowledge the posts. There may be a more efficient way to do this that would cut down on time. If you are serious about sponsoring a fix, we could devote some developer time to the problem more quickly. Otherwise it is something we will get around to fixing when we can.


Can I suggest you de-couple the process of saving a forum post and updating Sourceforge. You should be able to save to the forums quickly and have the update saved into a queue which then updates Sourceforge independent of the user posting the entry. This would have the added benefit of a failover should the link to Sourceforge have a problem. Save reentering a forum post.