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Posted invoice not in gltrans table

Invoices that I post are not insert into the gltrans table but the invoice shows as posted. I am running version 6.0.3. In this version the postinvoice() function updates the gltrans table using a new function called public.insertgltransaction(). This function returns the itemlocseries value which is always zero. When I check the ‘itemloc_series_seq’ it returns a value of 1586346. I think this is odd since we are still in development and have very transactions posting.

The last transaction was posted 5/21/2021. Since then we did some imports into the cohist table to bring over legacy system invoice history. These started in July 2021. The imports have since been stopped and the rows are no longer in the cohist table. The table now only includes test invoices that are not getting into the gltrans table.

I have checked that the global settings in Accounting are unchecked and that transactions are set to post to the general ledger.

Could the cohist imports have put something out of sync? What influences the itemlocseries value?

Hi Rebecca, I’m running 6.0.3 and not seeing the same issue - definitely Invoices appearing in my G/L.

I wouldn’t think adding entries to the cohist table would affect posting of invoices as it is just a sales history table, but it is written to as part of the post invoice process so might be a factor.

Can you please confirm the “Interface A/R to General Ledger” setting in Accounting Settigns -> Global is checked? If it is unchecked that would explain not posting to the G/L.

Otherwise, I can only suggest get hold of Customer Support and see if they can assist.

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Hi Anderson

There is something going on with the public function insertintoglseries()

The first couple of lines are as follows:

IF NOT fetchMetricBool(‘InterfaceToGL’) AND pSource IN (‘I/M’, ‘P/D’, ‘S/R’, ‘W/O’) THEN

IF NOT fetchMetricBool(‘InterfaceAPToGL’) AND pSource = ‘A/P’ THEN

IF NOT fetchMetricBool(‘InterfaceARToGL’) AND pSource IN (‘A/R’, ‘S/O’, ‘S/R’) THEN

This always returns zero.

The previous version had

IF (fetchMetricBool(‘InterfaceToGL’) = false AND pSource IN (‘I/M’, ‘P/D’, ‘S/R’, ‘W/O’)) THEN
IF (fetchMetricBool(‘InterfaceAPToGL’) = false AND pSource = ‘A/P’) THEN
IF (fetchMetricBool(‘InterfaceARToGL’) = false AND pSource IN (‘A/R’, ‘S/O’, ‘S/R’)) THEN

The code is different and produces a different result

When I changed the current function in our development database to the old version, the function returns a glseries_id


After I made that change and posted a new invoice. the data is displayed in the GL Transaction screen

Can we get a conformation if this is a bug? I plan on updating next weeks as 6.0.3 fixes a good amount of bugs. I did not see this in testing, but testing can miss things. either way. Thanks for the work. If we see the problem we will probably use this same fix

I have not been able to reproduce this myself, and neither could @anderson. Just to reiterate, the Interface Control options under Accounting > Setup > Global have to be checked, they control what hits the ledger or doesn’t. If they are unchecked it is expected that the related transactions are not in the ledger. Changes those options requires a client restart.

We have two people running 6.0.3 and have not experienced any issues posting invoices to the GL

Thanks to all for your comments. This was resolved once the settings were reviewed, so nothing to see here!