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Posted Check

How do I void a posted check. A duplicate was done and also posted before the previous payment was discovered.

To void a Check after it has been posted, use the right-click menu
option on the Check Register.


Either it is in the Payables tab or you have to delete it from the checks tab first I believe.

I tried the right click option and ... copy to clipboard or export ..... were my options..

Hello rlhv,


Are you sure you are in the correct area? Here is a step by step to void a posted A/P check:

1 - Go to the Accounting menu -> Accounts Payable -> Reports -> Check Register

2 - Select the start & end dates and correct bank account

3 - Right click on the selected check and choose "Void Posted Check"


Also you can go into the vendor workbench under Purchase menu -> Vendor. Select the vendor your are voiding the check for. Then go to the check tab and right click on the check and select void.

how do i prevent vouchers from re-appearing in select payments? we have this bunch of checks that were cancelled, (but not yet posted) I choose void check in view check run and then deleted it. when I open Select Payments, the checks cancelled were there. We can't void the vouchers because they were dated on 31st of last month and the checks were dated this month. we have already closed our last month's period and the only remedy for the cancelled vouchers is to create a journal entry. anyone who can fix this? thanks

If the voucher has not been paid by check, it either would need to be reversed (deleted) all the way back to the original transaction, or alternately you could create misc credit memos to apply to the open voucher.


I was able to void a check, but the voucher does not show up in the select voucher screen.  How do  I reissue the check?