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"Postbooks_empty-2.3.2.backup" - Warehouse Locati

We are currently trying to setup system using ERP Postbooks verision 2.3.2 and the “Postbooks_empty-2.3.2.backup”. Everything worked fine until we got to the point where locations are setup.

There are currently no warehouse locations in the database and when trying to create a new location and save it the following error message appears.

“You must select a Warehouse for this location”

Because it is the post books addition you can only have one warehouse, so the feature used to select the warehouse is not present on the window.

Because of this error we are now using the “Postbooks_Quick_Start 2.3.2.backup”, which does not have this issue. When restored this database has 39 errors instead of 47 for the empty database.


You can and do need to set up the warehouse information in PostBooks in the Inventory menu.

You may want to consider attending a training class or subscribing to xTuple support services for more detailed information on this and other issues that arise.