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Post after priting

When I print an invoice the default for the “post after printing” checkbox is checked in 4.11.2. This appears to be new as unchecked was the default in 4.10.2. Is there any way to set the default back to “unchecked”. We keep acciddentally posting our invoices when simply want to review the invoice before sending it out (and posting it then).

The little dot between the checkbox and the “Post after Printing” text should be “sticky” - which means that if you uncheck it, and go ahead with the printing (without posting), you should see the same behavior the next time. I see the same behavior as you - the sticky dot does not seem to be doing its job. I’ve reported it as bug #33703, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Ned - you bet me to this post. The issue of the Post checkbox not remembering and being set on is a known issue and has already been resolved. Ned - I will close your issue as a duplicate and resolved.

In the meantime - you can script a fix:

Go to System -> Design -> Scripts and create a new script called printMulticopyDocument (case sensitive)

In that script copy the following script (also case sensitive):


Save and the screen should default to the post checkbox being off.