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Plv8 error on Windows Server 2012

I have a Windows server 2012, postgres version 10, pgadmin4. The install_plv8.bat runs OK, I can see the plv8 files in the share subfolder

when trying to execute the create extension… script on template 1, i get the following error:
ERROR: syntax error in file “C:/Program Files/PostgreSQL/10/share/extension/plv8.control” line 1, near token “”
SQL state: 42601
the files i see are:

The content of the plv8.control file is:
comment = ‘PL/JavaScript (v8) trusted procedural language’
default_version = ‘2.3.13’
module_pathname = ‘$libdir/plv8’
relocatable = false
schema = pg_catalog
superuser = true

please advise resolution