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Phantom And Kit Items

Is there any conceptual difference in a “KIT” and a “PHANTOM” item type?
I know how they function differently in xTuple, But could they be combined?
Right now you could have a kit that is 5 bolts 5 nuts and 10 washers. You can sell this kit to a customer.
But you cant turn around and use this kit in a bom to build a part of your own. You need a phantom item to do this. Is there any real reason that these are separate and that a kit couldn’t simply absorb phantom item functionality?

Hi Caleb:

As you put it “conceptually” there probably isn’t a difference. But, I think the real answer to your question is that the code just wasn’t written that way and I do believe it is as simple as that. As always I could be mistaken.
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I was just posting here in case I missed something on those 2. I was also posting it in case xTuple may want to remove one of the two in future updates and streamline the item types.

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Conceptually there are a few differences. A Kit item is intended to package several items together in order to sell them (at a potentially different price to the sum of the item prices). So really it is about a saleable package of products.

A phantom item is used to simplify the BOM of complex items. Let’s say you have item A made up of a BOM hierarchy of 3 levels of component items and that item is then added to item B. If you do not want to see all of the layers of component items in item B you would use a phantom item to represent item A and simplify the BOM of item B.

So the purposes of these item types is different. There are no plans to consolidate these item types.

We use these quite a bit for sub-assemblies that we might use across multiple finish goods.

Chocolate Cake (finished good)

  • basic cake mix (phantom)
  • chocolate flavor (component item)

Vanilla Cake (finished good)

  • basic cake mix (phantom)
  • vanilla flavor (component item)

This would allow you to re-use the phantom item over and over in other flavors.

I understand the differences in use case. I think both are useful and I will be using both. But we use phantom items because we have subassemblies. But we also sell these subassemblies we cannot sell a phantom item, Because it is only usable in the BOM, we can make a kit and sell it. but at the end of the day the kit and the phantom item both represent a group of items in a subassembly. they are just limited to one stage in the process. I believe This
(at a potentially different price to the sum of the item prices).
Might be a real reason that they cannot be combined, But I haven’t looked at it deep enough to know. Just a thought on a way to remove one item type and remove duplicate representations of subassemblies .