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OSCommerce Product Models

The integration module between osCommerce and xTuple uses the product model field to map to the UPC code in xTuple.

I was having major errors in osCommerce and the sales order lines were not posting into xTuple.

What I found was I had been using a barcode as the UPC which was fine in xTuple but the field length was too small in osCommerce.

I extended the product model field length from 12 to 15 in the osCommerce products and order_products tables and all works fine now.

There does need to be some form of error handling in the integration. If osCommerce cannot find a product by searching for the UPC code, the sales order is still created, but the line items are not and you get a postgresql error in osCommerce.

Hi Dave,

You’ve made a number of really good suggestions and improvements to the osCommerce integration code!
I’m currently trying out the contributions you made in these posts:


I should be able to add them to the files we’re distributing soon. It’s great when the community works together to make improvements. We really appreciate that you contributed these back!

Can you tell us a bit about how you’re using PostBooks? Is it for yourself or for clients? Do you have a live store running somewhere? We love to hear stories from the field, especially from people who’ve been using PostBooks for a while.

Thank you for your contributions. And thanks for joining us here on the forums!

BC Wilson