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OpenRPT ebuild for Gentoo

This is a rather quick and sloppy ebuild file for those who want to install OpenRPT on their Gentoo systems.

Thank you for the contribution Seth. While on the topic, I figured it worth mentioning that I maintain PKGBUILD's for Arch Linux (and Arch Linux ARM) here: https://github.com/davidbeauchamp/PKGs -- if you wanted binaries built with these using a chroot you can find them here https://files.xtuple.org/unofficial/archlinux/. Besides the x86_64 binaries I also produce them for armv7h and aarch64 ARM processors. 

Please note that these are unofficial in the sense that they are not supported by xTuple/OpenMFG directly, but feel free to ping me with any questions. I made them to use on my own machines but thought there may be a wider audience --