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Opening the PrintPoForm

I’m trying to open the printPoForm from a custom screen. However it doesnt seem to be working -

This is the function as I currently have it written -

function printForms()
var childwnd = toolbox.openWindow(“printPoForm”, 0, 0, 0);
var params = new Object;
params.pohead_id = _results.id();
params.reportname = “PurchaseOrder”;
var tmp = toolbox.lastWindow().set(params);


I’m not getting an error and I’ve used similar code to get screen to open before. Any help would be appreciated.

If the window is a dialog type you have to exec() the window to actually open it (untested).

Here’s some example code that may help:

var wnd = toolbox.openWindow("printPoForm", mywindow, Qt.NonModal, Qt.Dialog);
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