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Opening project outside of the cluster

using Windows 5.1

I usually open the project screen through the project cluster.

But in this case, I have a list of invoices in the Billing Approval screen where I include the proj_id for user to open the project screen

I use the code

var list = mywindow.findChild("_shipitem");
var params = new Object();
params.mode = “edit”;
params.prj_id = list.currentItem().text(“prj_id”);

var newdlg = toolbox.openWindow("project", mywindow, Qt.ApplicationModal);
var tmp = toolbox.lastWindow().set(params);

But the project screen does not display

I have a custom project.js with queries and I can confirm that the prj_id is correct.

Is there something special about the project screen, that I need to know.

Thank you


once again I answered my own question. The project is a dialog so you have to use

var newdlg = toolbox.openWindow(“project”, mywindow, Qt.ApplicationModal);||

var result = newdlg.exec();|