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Open Closed Sales Order

Noted that typically, to open a closed sales order is to right click on a line item and “Open Line”.

However, there are several sales orders that do not have this option and I cannot determine why. There are sales orders before and after said sales orders that does have the “Open Line” option, but not the ones I am trying to open.

Can someone provide some insight as to why the “Open Line” option is available for some closed sales order, but not for others? Is there another way to open a sales order other than through this “Open Line” method (since its not readily available).

Thank you in advance to my fellow xTuple community.

From what I can tell from the source code, the only prerequisite for enabling the “Open Line” option is that the order line is in status closed. You can see the order lines closed status of it has a ‘C’ next to it.

Please note, a cancelled order line has status ‘X’ and cannot be re-opened.

Hello Anderson, the status shows as “CF”

I would need more information about your system and version then, as I can definitely open a Sales Order line with status ‘CF’

Good Afternoon Anderson, the version I’m using is 4.9.5

Hey cloi.
The status of CF means Firmed and closed. Right click one and see if you can Soften the line then try to reopen.

That is true, however you can re-open a closed (and firmed) order line directly without needing to soften it first. The check for whether you can open a line is only looking at the closed status.

I’ve been checking this on a recent version of xTuple, I’ve not checked the logic is the same on a 4.9.5 edition (but cannot see why it would be different).

Good Afternoon Tom and Anderson, I do not have the option of Open or Soften Line when right clicking on a CF line.

Have you customised the salesOrderItems-list metaSQL as that is the only thing I can think of that might be preventing this logic from working.