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Next payment number being ignored in View Payment Run

Having a bit of an issue with check number’s auto assigning incorrectly.

When I have approved and processed items for payment or have run a created a miscellaneous payment, when I go to the View Payment Run screen, any check or payment number I enter is overridden and something out of sequence is processed.

For instance, on a Misc payment for a debit card charge, I’ll create the misc payment… When I go to the payment run, I enter our payment number of 901261820 (internal sequence to identify this payment and a 100% unique number, not a duplicate). I select the “already printed/paid” button and the document # has been changed to 902121818.

If had approved payments and when to do a check run and entered 16813 (a new, unique check number) and have it print, it does the same thing… Overridding anything I’ve put in. Currently, we’re unable to track actual check numbers in our system.

Is there a patch available for this or an edit workaround?

Running 4.10.2 Desktop on 4.10.1 Database.




You’re probably hitting bug 29907. If so, try applying an updated version of the fetchNextCheckNumber() function (attached). This is an SQL script so run it with a tool like pgAdmin or psql.

You can also read it in with the MetaSQL editor (System > Design > MetaSQL Statements, then click NEW) and run it. If you do it this way, run it once to make sure it completes successfully then make sure Tools > Test Mode is not checked and run it again.

As always, back up your database first.

fetchnextchecknumber.sql.txt (1.4 KB)