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New Toolbox

using Windows 5.1

I am modifying the code docAttach with my custom script.

My first line of code is


and the debugger says, the toolbox can not be found.

Is there an include to use the toolbox. Which I thought was global.

Thank you

Unfortunately the script toolbox is not available for widget scripts. There are features of the script toolbox, such as openWindow() and newDisplay(), that depend on features well beyond what the widgets directory can supply. The toolbox cannot be made available to scripts on widgets until we resolve this circular dependency problem.

You should be able to unhook the slot from the signal using some variation on _fileList.disconnect() but I haven’t worked with scripts on widgets in a couple of years.


Thanks Gil, I will try your suggestion

That worked Gil, but without the toolbox , I can’t call any FileSystem functions like fileDialog.

Basically what we are trying to do is prevent the user from attaching a local file to the Document Tab.

Maybe Try A database Trigger? Before the insert check to so if the url is for a local file and if so raise exception. The screen is probably built to handle database exceptions.