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New Brazilian Translator for the portuguese version of Xtupl

Hi everybody, My name is José Niudo and I want to introduce myself as the new translator for the portuguese version of xtuple I invite all the other translators to gather as a group so that we could reinforce ourselves, and to ease and speed up the termination of the translation job. My special interest in in comercial, finance and Manufacturing. Concerning to Manufacturing, I made several courses in USA, and I invite you all to take a look in some certificates at: www.niudofreitas.webgrid.com.br

Olá João,

Estamos relevantando a versão brasileira.

Ainda interessado?

Eu tenho interesse
até mesmo se possivel auxiliar na tradução se for o caso.

Hi Paulo,

I’m writing in English because we have a rule, that everybody writes in English.

My name is Sergio, I’m working as a Brazilian consultant for xTuple, and YES, we have interest, if you’re interested in helping.

We can continue the discussion within this forum, you can e-mail me at sergio@difiore.com.br, or my skype: difiores.

Hope to hear you soon,