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Move a Core Widget

Using Windows 6.0.3

Does anyone know the code to mvoe a core widget.
In the project.ui class, under the Schedule / Status Group Box,

xTuple has

item row=“0” column="1"
** widget class=“DLineEdit” name="_plstart"**
** item**

item row=“0” column="1"
** widget class=“XComboBox” name="_status"**
** item**

both of these widgets are at position one.

The _status should be in position three.

Any ideas?

I guess I had to do

var gridLayout_9 = mywindow.findChild(“gridLayout_9”);

var status_widget = mywindow.findChild("_status");



That’s probably the best solution. Although you may be able to skip gridLayout_9.removeWidget(status_widget);
Since you seem to already be done. not much reason to go back and change it.

But it is worth mentioning. you could have used

var layout = toolbox.widgetGetLayout(status_widget)

In case you cant get the layout name from the UI file

Thank you Caleb


var layout = toolbox.widgetGetLayout(status_widget)

is very helpful