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Modify script environment

I have recently taken to adding my own module of sorts to xTuple. I have it compiled and it works. But now I want to be able to access my work from inside the script environment. Where does xTuple define what is available to the JavaScript? is it a config file or a CPP file. Or does it happen an multiple CPP files?


I have specific scripts to extend xtConnect and I use the include statement in javascript


I dont know if this helps.

Mine was more of a C++ question. I was adding TWAIN support and I could not get my objects functions to show up in the script environment. My problem was that in my .h file I defined the function with
void ClassName::functiondef();
and in the .h it should just be void functiondef(); but honestly if I had know that was the problem at the time I would have realized this form is probably not the place for the question.