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Missing sample_config.js (bug incident 33478)

Hi everyone!

I’m rather new to Linux and xTuple.

I’m trying to set up xTuple ERP (with web-enabled databases) and running into the same error every attempt.

I’ve tried three clean installs of Ubuntu 18 and one clean install of Ubuntu 16. No other programs are installed prior to installing xTuple. All VMs hosted on Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2016.

I’ve tried it several ways - First, I followed this guide: https://www.xtuple.com/products/postbooks/installing-postbooks-database

I ran into several issues due to my inexperience, but I was able to bypass those one by one with sufficient googling.

Then I discovered the xTAU and have used that for the next several installs, both using the interactive menu and the non-interactive full install (./xtuple-utility.sh -a). From the documentation, this should do everything on its own. Instead, a minute or two into the install, I get hit with the “missing sample_config.js” error.

I’ve googled this problem and found one other single mention of this issue on this forum from Dec '18 with no answers, and I just happened to find the bug/issue tracker and noticed the same issue was posted and resolved August 2018 - am I missing a step? Doing something wrong?

Would the “xTAU does not honor BUILD_XT_TAG environment variable or config setting” bug be possibly the cause? I seem to have that issue, too, if I understand the bug correctly - Running 4.10.1, it seems to create a 4.11.3 folder (along with the 5.0.0 beta folder) inside the /opt directory. From my understanding, the folder should be 4.10.1.

Setup.fun has a specific path it looks for for the sample_config.js - can I modify setup.fun and point it to the correct location? Is that a terrible idea? I need xtuple to be stable when its running and don’t know what, if any, damage I might do by modifying the location path.

Thanks for your time!