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Manually assign cheque numbers

I am sure that there must be a way to set the cheque numbers in postbooks to match the cheque numbers we used in our cheque books, and I just didn’t see it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

When you select the payment run, you should be prompted for the next check number:

Ah thank you, that will be helpful, so it will assign that number to the cheque that I am currently printing?
I’m a small business writing cheques by hand and I can’t always foretell what my next cheque might be, assigning the next number when I don’t know who or what I might write the next cheque for will be a bit of a trick. How do I keep track of that next number assigned?

Hi again,
So I am going forward with cheques but the issue I have now is that the system seems to choose its own order to assign cheque numbers if I approve a group of payments to be made. It does not assign in the order I approved them, which would be the same order they are handwritten. Approving one by one to get the correct numbers is a bit tedious