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Magento Connection

I have done some research and am not hearing what I want to hear so I’m wondering if someone could help me out.
I really need to know if xtuple will talk with magento or not?

The cart system we are using currently is not very user friendly at all and I am trying to move our company to be a
better system. Please tell me this is possible. We are a high profit margin company and need to work with a higherend
system than what we are finding to be the truth or your current partners.

Please if anyone could let me know I would greatly appreciate it. Even if we have to use a custom API that would be fine
too as long as we can import and export data on daily basis if needed.

Thanks in advance.

We’ve done a few Magento connections with Xtuple with our own middleware connectors.

Magento is a complex beast, but very powerful.

You can contact us offline if you wish and we can discuss your project.

I keep it simple - it's a nice desktop app.


The customer service person just fires it off when they want to check for orders / update the website - it runs / does it's thing while connected, and then shuts down. If something happens to the connection the transactions don't complete, they'll get picked up and finished next time - that's happened once or twice when we had some sort of DNS issue - but that's it.

I've kicked around putting in onto a timer and taking the gui off - but it takes absolutely no skill for the office to run it.

That's really great, just out of curiousity, what technology did you use to build the middleware, I am sure XML must have been an important part of it?

Wow, this is an old post...basically, it's a nice python script  that established 2 connection objects - one to the mysql / magento datastore, one to the postgresql Xtuple database.

Walk the mysql tables / download new one at a time, clean up / format the data to what Xtuple will need, and insert into Xtuple.  


You've got choices to make of course about customer data and payment processin but it's all very doable. At end of data you can do the reverse - walk the Xtuple tables and update the order status in the magento store as needed for new items / updated qoh, tracking numbers etc.

Nice and brilliant idea, but again a question, were those two connections persistent, what if connection broke down due to internet failure or some other reason?

Thanks for your explanation. Indeed by keeping it confined to desktop, makes it immune to the various complexities that a web based system face. But a great effort, to create such a middleware requires lots of imagination and effort. I am sure it must have taken around 6 months to 1 year to create this utility.