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Lot & Expiration History Report

I am looking to generate several reports that will require Lot # and Expiration Date. The QOH report only provides both for current inventory. Other reports only list Lot #, no expiration. Therefore, I am looking for a history report that I may create a vlookup in excel based on Lot #. I am unable to find an existing Lot # history report. Is there such a report that lists historical Lot # and Expiration Date?

Under Inventory -> Lot/Serial Control there is a Detailed Inventory History that displays historic movements of lot or serial controlled item and includes the expiration date. Is that what you are looking for?

Good Afternoon Anderson,

The report you suggest requires a Lot# or Item# be entered. My issue is that several reports that do list Lot#, do not list Expiration dates too. I have to run several reports relating to inventory that will require references to Lot# & Expiration Dates on the same report. Right now, the only report I come across as having both, is the Quantity on Hand report, but that only reports current inventory, not inventory already consumed.

The inventory history records lot/serial expiration dates for all transactions, it should be a fairly simple exercise to add the dates to the reports you require.