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Localization for Italian financials modules

Hello to all,

I was wondering if there is any kind of localization (not translation…) for Financials and Italian fiscal laws about PostBooks or XTuple. I’m really a newbie here and before to start studyiing the solution I need to understand if it’s possible implement it into Italian market.
If not, as really probable, is there a “painless” integration with an Italian package that covers all that area ?
Talking abou Erp system it sound a little bit stupid approach because everything within it has to be integrated and syncronized but … as we say here … asking is polite and don’t cost anything ;-)))


As you can imagine each country has vastly different financial and taxation laws. This would be a mammoth task for us to maintain and support, so the short answer is no there are no Italian localisation packages maintained by xTuple.

xTuple is very configurable, so unless there are very specific requirements, you should be able to configure or supplement the application to meet your Italian requirements.

It is possible to create these configurations as installable packages, so if you did have a localisation that you wanted to share with the community, we could assist with creating those packages for you or others.