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In case you haven’t noticed, this site has been moved from Drupal to the Joomla! CMS. We’re using phpBB2 with Mail2Forum for the forums/mailing list. The messages should go through without double posting and less spam. This is something that we will be monitoring and improving.

[b:nnqbiued]Other Notes:[/b:nnqbiued]

phpBB Profile - Check your email address listed on your profile. If you send replies or posts via email and your listed address doesn’t match the email you send from it will think you’re an anonymous coward. Please note that: [code:nnqbiued]
“Perry Clark pclark@email.com” [/code:nnqbiued]
is different from [code:nnqbiued]“pclark pclark@email.com” [/code:nnqbiued]
for now.

Unanswered Posts - Here’s a listing of all posts, not yet answered. (or the replies count is wrong…)

Forum Subscriptions - To subscribe to our forums, please click the link at the top. If you have a problem with the forum or access to the site, please email perry at xtuple * com.

Issue Tracker / Mantis Users - Please note that your access levels should be preserved. Please log in to the site using the Joomla! user login block on the left.

Downloads - For Customers and Partners looking for our downloads, please check out the downloads section. Your respective access levels have been preserved in this area. If you’re looking for something and can’t find it, let us know. Anonymous and Regular users have access to basic documentation and some utilities.

Please enjoy the new look and feel of the site, poke around, and as always please send comments, criticism or 65 Mustang parts to perry at xtuple * com.

Thank you for getting rid of the god forsaken pile of garbage that was your previous forum software. The new site looks great!