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Item Characteristics in Sales Report

I’m wondering if there exists a report that can be customized to show the sales history of particular item characteristics. We use the Sales --> Analysis --> Sales History report quite a bit and it would be useful to have a column in this report to show the item’s characteristic(s). If this cannot be done easily, is there another way to summarize or run a report of sales to date to display item characteristic(s)?

There does not currently exist a report to display Item characteristics and Sales History together. That is largely due to the very custom nature of what companies would want so we likely could not deliver something generic that would suit most companies.

However with all xTuple reports they can be customised to suit your requirements, so it is definitely possible to modify an existing report (the Sales History report) to bring in S/O characteristics for the item (or copy and write a new report). As long as you understand the link between Sales History and the S/O Items you can link in characteristics so it then becomes a matter of understanding exactly what you are looking to report.

Thank you for your quick response! I’m glad to know this is achievable.

We do not have the skilled resources required to do this customization inhouse. Is this something xTuple can support with? Or does xTuple recommending working with an authorized sub-contractor who could assist?

I would suggest contacting the Customer Success team who can either assist you with the report design, or point you to an authorised contractor. https://www.xtuple.com/support

@tmichienzi This is a fairly simple customization. It sounds to me like you want to see the characteristics and possibly search by them. Id be willing to walk you through the whole process. There is some value added if you have an IT person or team that would like to learn some on how to do the customization process. starting the customization can be a bit daunting but it is relatively easy with a little help. And in my personal opinion, It may be one of the most valuable pieces to xTuple.

If you are just looking to get this specific thing done, or you don’t have anyone that has the technical skill. Then someone like an authorized contractor or xTuple support is the best way.