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Is this forum still alive?

I was wondering if this forum is still an appropriate place to post on “development of new features, bug fixes, etc.”.

I notice that there seems to be no traffic or responses recently or even confirmation that anyone from xTuple is monitoring the things we report. Is there a more appropriate place to report these issues? It is very helpful to see and hear what others might be encountering but I wonder if this is the correct platform for posting those questions. Or is there some other venue that our community can use?


Hi Jim. Yes, this is the best place to engage in a conversation with the community about new features and experiences with bugs and bug fixes.

Our goal is for the forums to be a community mainly driven by users and partners and monitored by xTuplers. I’m pushing my teams very hard right now to focus on the development of new features, enhancements to current functionality, and bug fixes so that we can provide a better user experience. That said, we do monitor the forums for insight from you and the entire xTuple community.

Thank you Ciara for the confirmation. I had noticed that some previous posts had no acknowledgements and I wasn’t sure if they were actually being noticed by the xTuple team.

I know that by the time many of us decide to post on the forum we’ve already spent a significant period of time trying to solve the problem on our own. It would be helpful to just have a brief “I see your question” from people that have the power to help us so we’d know that we could just continue with our other tasks.

Just wanting to express the view from this side of the world.


Jim, Thanks for the insight.