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Is PostgreSQL 10.x supported

I notice that on the compatibility matrix that PostgreSQL 10.x is supported. However when I use X tuple Updater 2.5 It says that it only works up to 9.7 Do I ignore this error and proceed or is there a different updater that I missed


Ignore the warning if the Updater complains that PostgreSQL is too new when you log in. Pay attention to the warning if it’s part of a prerequisite check after opening a .gz file or if it says that a PostgreSQL version is too old (e.g. “version 8.2 isn’t supported”).

The Updater itself doesn’t do much. Mostly it’s a wrapper around what the .gz files tell it to do. That’s why the prerequisite check failures are important. Version 2.5.2 is less picky about PostgreSQL versions.


Thanls Gil, I have another problem that Ill post
But the updater worked just fine and the information on what to ignore will be useful.