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Inventory History

In the inventory history screen, some transactions are highlighted in yellow. I initially thought this was for Misc Invoice transactions, but there are Misc Invoice transactions that aren’t yellow. I can’t find this in the documentation. I did some quick browsing in the dspInventoryHistory.cpp source, but didn’t find what I was looking for.

We’re specifically looking at a 4.12.2 instance, but I think this is across versions.

Can anybody clarify this?


check out inventoryHistory-detail.mql:

CASE WHEN (NOT invhist_posted) THEN 'warning' END AS qtforegroundrole,

The yellow color means that the transactions aren’t posted –

Ah…I didn’t think to look at the mql. Thanks

This is for a posted invoice. If you attempt to void the invoice, it attempts to put the inventory back. So we’re simply out of balance and that’s it? I’m surprised the invoice was allowed to post without posting the inventory.

Physical inventories with the inventory “frozen” will do that. You’ll get the GL booking, but the inventory won’t post until “thawing”.

Nothing frozen. If it was systematic, we would have seen the same items having issues in other transactions. Shipped sales orders were fine. Some items in the misc invoice were driving negative inventory, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

I was just questioning the failure of a transaction, but the completion of a parent transaction.

I’ll see if I can duplicate this and work from there.


I can’t duplicate it. I’ll call it an anomaly until I can pin down the circumstances with the user.

Thanks to everyone who helped out.


I remember having this problem, Or rather causing this problem. I was using some custom screens and bypassing some of xTuples check. I ended up posting productions to Lots, but somehow never issued the inventory. I wish I could remember more about it, but I would bet it has something to do with LS or custom screens. But as you said. Its probably anomaly that you wont ever see again

This has happened to us in the past and the only think I could come up with is changing the invhist_posted value to ‘true’, Use the “Unbalance QOH…” tool (Inventory > Utilities > Unbalance QOH…) and then then do a manual inventory adjustment to reverse the previous effect.

Not sure if there is a better way but I think that kind of make the trick.