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Invalid connection option "application_name" when using squish

Hello I am trying to use the automated tool squish to test xtuple on the mac. When I use the squish to login I get the error “invalid connection option “application_name” QPSQL: Unable to connect” . I only see this error , when using squish not when a manually login in. Any ideas how to fix this?

application_name was added with PostgreSQL 9.0, if the version of squish you are using is using a libpq/postgresql driver older than that you will have the issue you see. You will likely need to update squish, or find out if there is a way to update the PostgreSQL driver in squish on its own.

Squish is a GUI automation tool. It just uses the xtuple client, doesn’t have its own PostgreSQL. xtupleuniversity states the xtuple team automated test scripts are written using Squish. I am wondering if their QA team encounter the same issue.

Hi, Gary:

We got your support request yesterday. We’ll be following up with you on that ticket (#33490) shortly, with some questions and more information.

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