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Interpretation of some "taxhead" database columns

Greetings all,
I’m troubleshooting some cases where the data that Avalara reports is different from the data in the xTuple database. It happens pretty rarely but I’m trying to discover how the two records might diverge.

In the rare cases the reports Avalara produces is missing an invoice that is clearly visible within xTuple. My snooping has lead me to believe this happens when the data in the correspond “taxhead” records for the invoice have the value of ‘O’ in the taxhead_status field. The taxhead_valid field on those same records show as “true”.

Looking at the “taxhead” table constraints I see that the allowed values for “taxhead_status” ar ‘O’ ‘P’ and ‘V’. Would anyone know what those values represent regarding the taxhead status? I’m just looking for a possible cause why in rare cases an invoice might remain with the staus ‘O’ rather than ‘P’.

Thanks for any insight on the meaning of this db column.



The only thing I could find in the public functions is


UPDATE taxhead
SET taxhead_status = ‘P’
WHERE taxhead_doc_type = pOrderType
AND taxhead_doc_id = pOrderId;

So P must be posted.
O might be Open

V is Void

See these functions