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Impossible to reach website from italy?

in the past couple of days I wasn’t able to access the xtuple sites. I thougth there were some problems with the servers, but then looking at the sf.net forums I saw there were posts.
So I checked deeper, and found out that using an Open Proxy I could reach the site.
I did some more checking and seems that every request made from different connections (3 different operators), ar getting stuck at the same point.
It’s not probably a xtuple problem, but maybe it should need more investingation as maybe some others don’t get through.


Here is a traceroute.

6 ge-6-16.car2.Milan1.Level3.net ( 19.332 ms 19.250 ms 19.228 ms
7 ae-4-4.ebr2.Frankfurt1.Level3.net ( 34.787 ms 34.691 ms 34.683 ms
8 ae-1-100.ebr1.Frankfurt1.Level3.net ( 29.390 ms 29.376 ms 29.339 ms
9 ae-2.ebr2.Paris1.Level3.net ( 38.409 ms 38.315 ms 38.304 ms
10 ae-41.ebr2.Washington1.Level3.net ( 119.905 ms ae-42.ebr2.Washington1.Level3.net ( 119.153 ms ae-43.ebr2.Washington1.Level3.net ( 132.177 ms
11 ae-82-82.csw3.Washington1.Level3.net ( 131.399 ms ae-92-92.csw4.Washington1.Level3.net ( 132.034 ms ae-62-62.csw1.Washington1.Level3.net ( 127.694 ms
12 ae-24-79.car4.Washington1.Level3.net ( 121.017 ms ae-34-89.car4.Washington1.Level3.net ( 121.760 ms ae-44-99.car4.Washington1.Level3.net ( 122.061 ms
13 te-4-1-73.rp0-4.asbnvaas.Level3.net ( 120.802 ms 120.767 ms 121.277 ms
14 ( 120.660 ms 120.422 ms 121.692 ms
15 ( 179.951 ms 234.595 ms 235.928 ms
16 atm8-0-0-401-ds3.edge-01.norf.va.cavtel.net ( 133.397 ms 132.769 ms 133.326 ms
17 static-66-16-64-14.dsl.cavtel.net ( 133.312 ms 134.589 ms 133.355 ms
18 static-66-173-208-54.t1.cavtel.net ( 136.711 ms 135.722 ms 136.135 ms

Hi, Alessandro:

Thanks for the information. It appears we applied some new firewall rules incorrectly. Sorry for the inconvenience. You should have no trouble connecting now. If you do, please let us know.


yes, now it works correctly.


there still seems to be a DNS issue with the xtuple.org domain yesterday I was unable to connect to the website then I changed my router from “obtain dns” to a static dns server provided by openDNS ( I highly recommend using openDNS for all your DNS ) after the change i could resolve to xtuple.org . I saw this a few weeks ago but blew off the windows user because i could resolve on linux , yesterday the linux box couldn’t resolve .

@ddmce, we made a DNS change on March 17. It’s possible that this caused the issue you were seeing. Please let us know if you continue to have problems accessing the site.

Hi Pierce,

It seems that consistently, on the weekends, I have a 0%-25% chance of resolving www.xtuple.com. I resolved this by putting your IP address in /etc/hosts, but DNS appears to just not plain work on the weekends. (This is from Embarq DSL line in central Ohio.)

I have a few servers connected to a DSL line, and it’s not really permitted in the TOS. My services work correctly, but I have never been able to get DNS working correctly - I would miss email because at some points my ISP did not allow inbound DNS. Maybe there is something similar going on with your provider?