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I have just downloaded Post books onto a windows machine to evaluate the software. If it is what i am looking for then will be loaded on to Linux. My Question is how do i import my Quick books files into post books. Any info would be appreciated.

Welcome. I hope you’re enjoying PostBooks.

This topic has been covered quite a bit on the forums. In a nutshell…you have a couple of options…

  • Manually entering the data (yuck)
  • Using the CSVImport tool along with exports from Quickbooks
  • Using the API Views to write the data to postbooks.

Here are some helpful links…

The method of getting the data out of Quickbooks can differ greatly. The QuickBooks SDK is a bit cryptic…but works well. I have been using the SDK for years with a web-based time/billing system. I’m currently converting the SDK tools I’ve built to work with PostBooks. This will likely be a package that can be purchased on the xChange.

Good Luck.